ADESCO Agreement


Abu Dhabi oil companies operating offshore established a committee in 1988 to coordinate arrangements for the provision of support between participants in the event of major emergency. The committee is termed the Abu Dhabi Emergency Support Committee for Offshore Operators (ADESCO)


The role of the committee is to coordinate arrangements to ensure that all participants are kept updated on the procedures and capabilities of participating companies for providing or requesting assistance in case of major emergency.


To provide a regular exchange of information between participating companies regarding their capability to provide effective assistance in major emergency situations and to assist them in providing such assistance by monthly confirmation of the relevant entry of emergency directory and facilities listings.

To establish specific contact points in participating companies to allow rapid authorization of release of equipment and use of resources.

To summarize all the information in the form of a manual and to ensure that it is maintained in an up-to-date condition.

To ensure the effectiveness of the emergency arrangements by regular exercising of the communication procedures.

To provide a forum in which participating companies can exchange ideas for improvement in their individual or combined emergency capability. The approval and implementation of such ideas will be left to the discretion of each of the participating companies.

To ensure the exchange of experience, sharing of best practice, exchange of site visits and the participation exercises/drills.

Forming Task Forces to solve problem areas and find solutions to common problems.


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